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What Does Your Website Say About You?

When you’re in the communications’ business you need a website that truly resonates with your clients; a web presence that promotes your values and compels your audience to act. But when SpiritLevel Communications’ founder Allen Moxham chose to work with Orange and Blue as a ‘Solutions’ client, Allen aspired to take this maxim one stage further.

Allen wanted his SpiritLevel website’s main focus to be about ‘beliefs’ and ‘storytelling’; more specifically, how these elements can shape not only an audience’s critical thinking, but our communities and the wider world beyond. This concept emerged as a significant part of the creative brief.

The resulting website highlighted Allen’s 20+ years spent in the communications industry, backed up by powerful case studies and client testimonials, plus a free ‘Communications MOT’ and consultation to introduce potential new clients to Allen’s unique philosophy and way of working.

Allen says: “I have known and worked with Orange and Blue for nine months and they are what it says on the tin; professional and trustworthy, but also friendly and likeable. They are a responsive and customer focused team that have produced high quality solutions to the challenges we have presented them. I am looking forward to future collaborations.”

Not only does SpiritLevel’s new website reflect its founder’s ideals perfectly, but we think the design and content reflects Allen’s charismatic personality to a T!

As an Orange and Blue ‘Solutions’ client, we could do the same for you.


Graham Stacey

Graham Stacey

Graham is the Founding Director here at Orange and Blue. With a background in church ministry, founding and growing charities and post-grad studies in comtemporary culture, Graham brings a wealth of insight and expereince to OandB. As the founding director Graham has been the designer, developer, social media manager and now the communications and nbound consultant.