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Website Hosting: Are You Ready For The Party?

So you’ve just spent lots of money on a new website and are looking to keep costs down. Hosting is not only essential to having a website, but it needs to remain safe, secure and fit for purpose. As such, price is not the only thing to consider. Our series of blogs will help you better understand your website’s hosting by asking three key questions:
  • Who are you in bed with?
  • Have you locked the door?
  • Are you ready for the party?

Are you ready for the party?

One of the problems with a flat share is what happens when there is a party and you’re not invited, or it’s your party and you need your flat mates to go out for the evening. This issue occurs with shared hosting too.

Your website is performing happily with the few hundred visits a month and then you get a mention on local news, or you launch an event with lots of tickets to sell, or you have a sale and it is popular with your customers. Suddenly everyone turns up and you simply do not have the capacity to cope. Or worse, someone else is having a good day and your website has to go out for the evening and when your clients turn up you’re out!

Firstly, we don’t crowd our servers, we leave plenty of space for websites to breath. We also employ dynamic scalability, releasing capacity for websites as they need it. So we can cope with the planned parties and those times when everyone just turns up!


Graham Stacey

Graham Stacey

Graham is the Founding CEO here at Orange and Blue. With a background in church ministry, founding and growing charities and post-grad studies in contemporary culture, Graham brings a wealth of insight and experience to OandB. As the founding CEO, Graham has been the designer, developer, social media manager and now the communications and nbound consultant.